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Tasigna (nilotinib) is a cancer drug used to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia.

Tasigna is designed to block a certain type of protein called Bcr-Abl.

Many Americans have agreed to take this cancer drug to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia without knowledge of serious and possibly life-threatening Tasigna side effects.

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tasgina lawsuit Palmer MA
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So, the individuals who have confronted this problem because of the medications are permitted to file a case against this company with the help of a Tasigna attorney.

8 billion each year is unlikely to remember Tasigna without FDA intervention.

Wiley Online Library.

What is Tasigna?

Hisun-Pfizer Novartis Palobiofarma.

Tasigna Lawsuit Claims.

Other Tasigna Side Effects.

Tasigna’s medication label does, however, include information about other serious medical risks, including a “black box” warning (the greatest potential drug warning) regarding the risk of sudden cardiac death while taking Tasigna.

No-Cost, No-Obligation Tasigna Lawsuit Case Review If You or a Loved One Suffered from Tasigna Complications.

Peripheral arterial disease from Tasigna can lead to tissue death requiring limb amputation, infection, and a assortment of cardiovascular issues.

A postmarket review in the FDA noted that, given adverse event reports in the U.S. and reports from other countries regarding the drug, its findings “strongly suggest an association between nilotinib (Tasigna) and PAOD (peripheral vascular occlusive disease).

Our Tasigna lawsuits will demonstrate that Novartis issued a Tasigna atherosclerosis warning through Health Canada in the spring of 2013 and was conscious of the Tasigna atherosclerosis link from research.

According to the announcement, a global review between 2013 and 2005 found 277 cases of atherosclerosis with Tasigna.

They’ll fight to make sure your rights are protected and the audience hears your case.

Get the help you need with taking Tasigna, after undergoing lethal side effects.

A plaque grows, the presence of which narrows the arterial passages.


Novartis issued an advisory in April 2013 to Canadian health care professionals and the Canadian public, warning of risks associated with Tasigna and that patients taking the medication should be monitored for signs of arterial disease.

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The complaint asserted that Novartis had been aware of reports linking Tasigna to severe, accelerated and irreversible arteriosclerosis since at least 2011, but neglected to notify U.S. drug regulators.

Novartis Pays $390 Million.

The drug was prescribed with a Black Box warning related to other Tasigna side effects; patients were not warned of the danger of Tasigna atherosclerosis and associated complications.

, and Richard M. Elias, Greg G. Gutzler and Tamara M. Spicer of Elias Gutzler Spicer in St. Louis.

Atherosclerosis Linked to Tasigna Anti Cancer Drug | 8/18/2017.

You Can Sue Novartis If You Have Developed Atherosclerosis-Related Requirements After Taking Tasigna | 8/11/2017.

In the case of the Tasigna disease lawsuit, the plaintiff was suffering from a 90-100% congestion in cerebral arteries.

Together with the $390 million payment from Novartis, Kester’s lawsuit is the greatest recovery to the authorities ever in a False Claims Act lawsuit predicated solely yielding a total gross recovery of $465 million to the taxpayers.


Without warning from the makers of the drug anti-cancer drug Tasigna patients experience side effects that are adverse. . .

The Link between Tasigna and Atherosclerosis.

Research suggests a link between the cancer drug and atherosclerosis.

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